Easy and affordable access to energy

The power-blox 200-series

Our "portable power socket"

Easy power generation and scaling

The Power-Blox 200 series - is a revolutionary modular power system that delivers AC power from 200W to the kilowatt range and serves as a "mobile outlet" for off-grid requirements.

The system is modular and specifically designed for off-grid environments but can also be used as back-up power to bridge power outages from unreliable public networks. Units can be stacked and interconnected. They automatically form a private 230V AC grid (mini-grid).

You need more power?

No Problem!

Power-Blox grows with your needs

More cubes = more power

in seconds

Just add Power-Blox cubes and build a power grid

Build your own personal power station and use the power for your needs: From small businesses to large workplaces, it grows with your needs.

  • No engineering

  • No configuration

  • No maintenance

Nearly unlimited scalability

Technical Data

Grid connection

Nominal voltage: 230V / 50 Hz

Number of phases: 1

Continuous power at 25°: 200W (for a short time up to 370W)

Battery-Technology: Lead Version (AGM) / Lithium Ion Version

Internal battery voltage: 24V

Transfer swarm connection

Maximum power: 16A (3.6 kW)


PBX200 Pb: 2x Hoppecke sun power VR M 12 V 58 / 3-5 years expected liftime

PBX200 Li: 2x Li-Ion Batteries, 12V 30 AH, 10 years expected lifetime

Solar cell input

Solar panel: 200-500Wp

Technology: Mono or polycrystalline

Solar charger: MPP

Voltage range: 30V bis 45V

Most important features

Clean energy immediately

Deployed in a matter of minutes with minimal ecological footprint.

Easy to use - plug & power

Place the solar module in the sun and switch it on so that the energy obtained is transferred to the integrated socket. Ready!

Scalable - grows with your needs

Start with a single cube and expand the mini-grid further. From KW to MW with a single product.

Build power grids quickly and anywhere

Mini-grids can be quickly built at different locations and combined to generate more power. Even power-grids for whole cities can be created.

No special skills needed

Power-Blox does not need any special knowledge to be planned, installed and maintained. Even larger systems in the kilowatt range can easlily be built by simply connecting multiple Power-Blox cubes.

intelligent & failure safe

The technology is self-learning and self-regulating. Inspired by swarm intelligence in nature, the network consists of autonomous units whose performance is used democratically. Should the network not function or collapse, the units are automatically disconnected from the network and continue to function as an independent power supply.

universal power interface

Power-Blox enables the simple combination of different energy sources and battery technologies from different suppliers. Although there are many power storage solutions which cannot be combined because each solution with an integrated master tries to control the network and comes into conflict with other masters.

Secured investment

Our system enables the further use of existing components in combination with new units in the event of a possible expansion. In conventional systems, some of the existing components have to be replaced due to increased performance requirements or other limitations.
Thanks to this easy expandability of Power-Blox, previous investments are always safe.

pay as you go & Prosumer

Combined with a PAY-AS-YOU-GO model, our product can serve as an incubator for microentrepreneurs and provide affordable energy for customers in emerging and developing countries. Excess power can be sold for a fee.

Swiss quality

Highest quality - designed, manufactured and assembled in Switzerland.

Simply Plug & Power


Instant Plug & Power. Provides 230V alternating current. Independent of the public grid.


For more energy and power. Just add more Power-Blox.

Build a swarm

More units increase the stability and performance of the mini-grid. Every consumer in the system can use the full power of all units.

Where can I buy Power-Blox?

We sell Power-Blox through our sales partners.
We offer special deals for NGOs, NPOs, distributors, training projects and wholesale partners.

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