Swarm power

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The next technological advance after Smart-Grids

We question existing circumstances and let ourselves be inspired by nature

The most complex system we know is decentralized: nature and evolution.
With nature in mind we have asked ourselves what concept allows both small and large groups of individuals to behave like an organism? How does nature behave in complex situations with demands for maximum flexibility, stability, survival and yet simple principles?

Our answer is the swarm

A swarm in nature is based on simple principles and few rules.
Our swarm technology relies on nature's approach of organizing complex structures completely decentralized.
It not only has the potential to change how off-grids are built and operated but also how conventional power grids work.

Swarm net distribution

By using the snowflake topology
  •  Create stacked Power-Blox cubes in a central location.

  •  Distribute power to all consumers via switchgear with conventional wiring.


How to build a mini-grid


  • Decentralized installation of Power-Blox cubes at different locations.


  • Using the "snowflake topology".


  • With less than 40 cubes (8 KW in total), a 16mm cable can be used without any special fuses.

    Up to 10 Power-Blox form a cluster with an internal 10A fuse.

New ways for networking and power supply

In a swarm network each component of the network learns how to adapt to the current state of the network by observing the network parameters and adapting its behavior with the use of artificial intelligence.

  • The swarm helps individuals to improve their chances of survival.

  • The swarm provides security, food and guidance to each member.

  • It is a perfect example of how simple rules can guide a complex system without decisions having to be made centrally.

This also applies to Power-Blox

The elements in our network do not need any means of communication.

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